Unusual correction to 2005 nutrition research paper

Those of us who follow academic research have been following with intent controversies in the past year or so involving work from the lab of Cornell University nutrition professor Brian Wansink. While the university defended him and his work, its own review (http://mediarelations.cornell.edu/2017/04/05/cornell-university-statement-regarding-questions-about-professor-brian-wansinks-research/) found errors.

Now, Retraction Watch points to a correction appended to a 2005 paper that showed how the name of a food influences how people perceive its taste. Apparently, on a re-examination of the data, “the correct values are impossible to establish.” Yet, the researchers stand by their conclusions.

Read more at http://retractionwatch.com/2017/07/04/correct-values-impossible-establish-embattled-nutrition-researcher-adds-long-fix-2005-paper/.

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