Budget bubbly tastes good and is organic, too

European producers these days are able to produce mass quantities of good wine and sell it here in the United States at budget prices. It’s hard for wineries in California especially to compete because the cost of real estate in California is so high that a bottle of wine costs a lot to produce — before you put any juice into the bottle.

However, this does not mean that every bargain bottle of wine from Europe is a good buy. Recently, I had a chance to taste a sample of this wine, and it is worthy. Mionetto Organic Prosecco DOC is an Italian sparkling white wine that certainly works for Sunday brunch or to put some festivity into an afternoon gathering. At around $15 a bottle, this is a crowd pleaser.

As expected with a quality Prosecco, this is a slightly sweet, crisp, white sparkling wine. It has a light gold hue and a tinge of sweetness on its nose, along with pear and tropical fruit. The predominate flavor is pear, with a little sweet apple. The finish lingers, it has low acidity, and low-medium alcohol. Very refreshing, perfect for a hot day or a Sunday brunch. This could be a staple, all around, everyday sparkling white wine.

Mionetto’s line also includes white and rose sparkling wines that sell for a few dollars less than the organic one. And, through the end of October, the company is promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Month by hiding pink corks in some of its bottles. If you get a pink cork, you can send it in collect a pink mixer and enter a contest to win $10,000 for the breast cancer charity of the winner’s choice. (Residents of California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Vermont or West Virginia can enter without making a purchase via the company’s website.)

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